$1500 Down, And You Can Buy An Inman Park Condo

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No, that was not a joke.  A tad bit dramatic?  Perhaps.  But it’s true folks, it’s all true.

I learned recently from my friends at The BeltLine Team that The Brickworks in Inman Park has been added to their list of developments eligible for the BeltLine Tax Allocation District.  Read all about the nuts and bolts– it’s a very real program that’s enabled a bunch of lucky Atlanta home buyers to score sweet deals all along the BeltLine.

Brickworks, of course, is no stranger to these here pages.  You can probably recall when I professed my love for my one-bedroom listing there, and certainly you’ll recall all the good things that I had to say about the Home Owners Association.  Now, with the BeltLine program in place, the deal just got a whole lot sweeter.

Whether you’re thinking about living in Inman Park, on the BeltLine, or, in a pristine condo… you should get on this.  Stat.  Contact me directly for more details

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