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The “Dear Seller” Love Letter

Insider Tip: Exploit Your Child's Shaky Handwriting For Maximum Empathy!

Insider Tip: Exploit Your Child’s Shaky Handwriting For Maximum Empathy!

Multiple offer “bidding war” insanity has reigned supreme throughout Atlanta in 2013.  It’s a maddeningly intense and unpredictable journey for many home buyers.  Asking price doesn’t always get it done, and with no guarantee that they’ll be chosen as “the one”, some buyers are choosing to submit “love letters” to sellers.

Does it work?  I’m not sure.  I’ve probably been involved with over thirty multiple offer situations this year, and while there are some sellers who have favorites, the bottom line is usually the bottom line.  It is, as a (self proclaimed) wise man once said, “All About The Benjamins“.

That being said, a friend just won a bidding war in New York, and was kind enough to share his “winning” love letter.  Their offer was originally $10,000 less than the competing offer, and was subsequently $20,000 less.  There quite possibly could be more to the picture than meets the eyes (or just crazy sellers).  Or, it could be the love letter:  just the right combination of love, humility and optimism…

Dear Homeowners,

We visited your home last week with (Realtor’s name redacted) and were completely enchanted. The abundance of charm, the amazing views and the location had us hooked instantly. And what timing with the fall foliage! 

We’ve been looking for homes in (City name redacted) for months and your home immediately felt like a place we could raise our children and be happy. There are many reasons for this – how well the house is taken care of and appointed, the unique features that set it apart from the other houses we’ve seen, the wonderful yard that we can envision our children playing in. If real estate is an art of aspiration, then this house is a perfect example of the home we aspire to make our own, and to raise our children in. 

We have two young children and live in (City name redacted). While we love the city, our apartment is beginning to feel too small, and we long for a home with some space to play, and a town to set down roots in. We had already fallen in love with (City name redacted), but when we saw your home, it felt like another piece of the puzzle falling into place. We hope you will consider our offer taking all of this into account.

Thank you,

Anyone out there have any luck writing a love letter?  Fellow Realtors, any thoughts on the practice?

Posted by Jon at 3:50 pm on November 11, 2013 : 1 comment

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One Response to “The “Dear Seller” Love Letter”

  1. I just watched an episode of Love It Or List It where this worked for a couple, but who knows if anything on those shows is actually real?

    I will say that I won the bid on a house (low priced fixer upper) because I let it be known that I planned to live in the house and not flip it. The seller had raised her children in the house and, as it turned out, decided she’d rather sell to someone interested in investing more than just money.

    — posted by Ben Dowell on November 12, 2013 at 4:20 pm [link]

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