A Subtle Way of Encouraging A Breakup

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In the process of searching for images for my Metrobrokers Billboard post, I came across an interesting billboard:

Turns out it’s a promotion for a real estate agency in Toronto.

Here’s my take on this: While there have been many occasions when I’ve wanted to tell people to breakup with their agent (and hire me, of course!), I’ve never had the gumption to do it.  Its just never felt right.  Not sure if it’s my own personal ethics, or if I’ve just assumed that by doing so it would only reflect negatively on me.  Regardless, I’ve got to take my hat off to these guys for thinking outside the box.  If a Realtor in Atlanta is blogging about it, I’ve got to imagine a couple thousand Torontonians are buzzing over it.

Photo Credit: Adpulp.com

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