Are You Taking Care Of Your Sidewalk?

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If you live in the City of Atlanta, you are responsible for the sidewalk in front of your house.  This probably comes as somewhat of a surprise, as most major cities allocate funds to repair sidewalks.   If you’ve ever spent some time walking in Atlanta, then you know Atlanta’s sidewalks can be pretty treacherous.

Sally Flocks, CEO and Founder of the Atlanta-based pedestrian advocacy PEDS has a great piece on the topic over at Saporta Report.  A few gems from the piece:

“”The City doesn’t ask property owners to repair potholes on streets adjacent to their lots. Likewise, it shouldn’t delegate sidewalk maintenance to abutting property owners.””


“”Sidewalk maintenance is a basic service of municipalities and should be funded by all taxpayers, not just adjacent property owners. The use of public money to build sidewalks makes sidewalks public assets, just like the streets.””

I’m not looking to get overly political at the height of the political season- especially over an issue that’s not even remotely on the table- but if you think this is a foolish policy, let your City Council member know.  I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.

Photo Credit: PEDS Website

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