Atlanta: A Recession Proof Paradise For Retirees

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Nobody seems to enjoy creating lists as much as does. It doesn’t matter what the topic is- Forbes always seems to be there with a list to boil things down and give talk radio hosts and bloggers something to talk about. Their latest list, America’s Recession Proof Cities to Retire In (their words, not mine!), while somewhat funky in its methodology, sings Atlanta’s praises, and thus is a worthy read. Here’s my favorite part:

…places like Atlanta should appeal to retirees who may have to rejoin the workforce or take out a home equity loan in order to finance unforeseen health care costs. The city boasts strong job outlooks–Moody’s predicts that Atlanta’s job market will grow by 13.5% over the next five years, while home prices will expand by 13.4%. Buying low is easy: Atlanta’s current median home price of $118,000 is seventh lowest among the 40 cities we considered.

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