Atlanta BeltLine Outlines Its Future

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If you live in Atlanta, you know that the Atlanta BeltLine is the transformational project of our time.  To date, its produced seven miles of new permanent trails, 200 acres of new and renewed parks and greenspaces, over 70 acres of remediated brownfields and over $1 billion in new private real estate development.  It is the catalyst for lots of good.

Ever wonder what the BeltLine crew has cooking?  You’re in luck- there’ s a very large, very intense powerpoint deck for that!  The recently released Atlanta BeltLine 2030 Strategic Implementation Plan is out and it covers everything from the next five years through the completion of the project in 2030.  Curious?  Here’s a look at some of the top priorities for the next five years:

  1. Securing rights to the remaining right-of-way to complete the 22-mile Atlanta BeltLine loop;
  2. Completing the southern half of the Westside Trail and commencing construction on the Southeast Trail;
  3. Constructing Boulevard Crossing Phase II, Enota and Murphy Crossing Parks;
  4. Initiating the first phase of Westside Reservoir Park including the passive-use park space; and
  5. Constructing streetcar/light-rail transit on the East and West sides of the Atlanta BeltLine.

The plan is 148 pages (large font and graphics… but still!), so get ready for some heavy reading.  Or, just head on over to The Saporta Report for a wonderful summary of the plan.

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