Atlanta Farmers Market Feedback

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Atlanta’s Farmers Markets need your help.

A couple of weeks ago, the brouhaha began.  According to the local peacock, a for-profit competitor to the non-profit farmers markets complained to the City about a lack of regulations (and fees) being attached to the mini-markets.  And that’s where I’ll hand the baton off to Georgia Organics, who just sent out this call-to-action:

The City of Atlanta is evaluating the policies that govern the activities of farmers markets. Market managers in the Atlanta area are working with the city to create a set of policies that recognize markets’ needs and small budgets, as well as consumer safety.

The city has been very supportive in developing a solution.

Please let the city know how much you love your farmers market, and that extra expenses could have a debilitating effect on them, as they are largely run by a small groups of volunteers.

You can email the mayor at You can also call 404.330.6030 to find your city council member.

Photo Credit: USA Today

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