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If Atlanta entrepreneur Darrah Brustein’s vision comes to fruition, thousands of children will benefit from financial literacy education.  Her Finance Whiz Kid program is a finalist for the Pepsi Refresh Project, and she needs your “”vote”” in order to win a $25,000 grant to launch the program.  Here’s the lowdown on Finance Whiz Kids:

Finance Whiz Kids‘ assists parents and teachers in educating and empowering the youngest generations by equipping them with tools that will give them building blocks for life on how to manage money. Through a series of books, the basics of financial literacy are laid out: the value of a dollar, from where money comes, savings, investing, entrepreneurship, and giving back.  In light of the current economy, it’s clear that the average consumer lacks the basics on a healthy relationship with money.  Through a series of books I’ve written, kids engage with likable characters and simultaneously learn these valuable lessons when their minds are most malleable. Each book includes a teacher’s manual so that adults can apply the lesson from the reading.

Please take a minute to check out Darrah’s project, and vote for the cause.  It’s a fantastic idea, and voting will only take a minute.

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