Atlanta Foreclosures: Looking For A Unicorn

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Once upon a time, the Atlanta real estate was awash with bank owned foreclosures.  It was nearly impossible to have a conversation about real estate with a buyer client without spending a fair amount of time talking about foreclosures: how many there were (a lot!), how many more were coming (I don’t know!), how much they depress value (quite a bit!) and when would they start going away (hopefully soon!).  In essence, a healthy mix of uncertainty, exclamation points and depression.

These days, I rarely come across foreclosures… and evidently I’m not the only one.  I just read an article in the AJC that noted that foreclosure notices in Atlanta are at a 13 year low.  Crazy, I thought, as I looked back fondly on an era that brought us the premiere of 24, the invention of the Xbox (which I’ve miraculously never played) and the unfortunate passing of my favorite Beatle, the great George Harrison.

Just how far have we come?  A quick snippet from the article:

Notices for this month were down 47 percent from October of last year. They are 81 percent lower than October of 2010 at the height of housing crisis.

If you’re looking for a foreclosure, good luck- they’re about as common as unicorns these days.  Search all Atlanta foreclosures on this sweet custom search I created- I’m calling it the MASSIVE COMPREHENSIVE ATLANTA FORECLOSURE DATABASE.

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