Atlanta Pool Primer

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There’s no doubt that Atlanta’s oppressively hot summer has arrived- just ask my bald, sunburned head. And while coping with the heat is easy- just switch on the A/C- thriving in the heat is another thing entirely. That’s where the local swimming hole can come in handy.

If you’ve got your own pool, belong to a private club, are a member of a neighborhood pool, or live in a complex with a pool, bully for you. You know where you’re going when things get too steamy, and for that, I salute you. For everyone else: you need a pool. Stat.
Here are a few options:
Find the pool in your neighborhood, and join it. Now. It’s hot, and you might as well get your money’s worth. Click on the neighborhood to check out their pool info: Inman Park, Lake Claire, Chastain, Decatur, Garden Hills, Piedmont/Midtown.
Take a populist pool stance and go to one of Atlanta’s public pools. Click on the pool name to find out more about two perennial all-star public pools: Piedmont Park and Grant Park.
Dress fancy, act casual and play hotel guest. Click on the hotel name to find our more about some great hotel pools worth, um, visiting: W Midtown, Grand Hyatt Buckhead and The St. Regis.
Wherever you decide to go, don’t forget the sunblock. There’s nothing cool about rocking the lobster look all summer.
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