Atlanta: The City of Milk and Honey

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Big thanks to Br’er Bear over at Flappy Days for sending me this article about all the New Yorkers that have moved down to Atlanta since 2000.

So sayeth The Post:

Between 2000 and 2005, 40,000 New Yorkers moved to Atlanta, according to the city’s Regional Commission.

Assuming that those numbers have stayed consistent, we’re talking about 8,000 New York transplants per year (and that’s without factoring in our distant cousins to the South, the New Jersyians). 8,000 per year comes out to just under 22 transplants per day, which is slightly under 1 per hour.

If we accept Google Maps’ estimate that the drive between New York and Atlanta is 14 hours, that means that as you read this post there are 14 people in U-Hauls (7 U-Hauls, assuming 2 per truck) on the road to start a new life in Atlanta.

And why? Ask Scott Merrit, the subject of the article:
“We went from struggling to having a great quality of life in just a few weeks.”
“We just could not afford to stay in the place we grew up in, and I guess now there really is no going back.”
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