Atlanta’s Golden Gate: The 14th Street Bridge

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Most Atlantans have had first hand experience with the 14th Street Bridge Improvement Project. It began in the Spring of 2007, and is *scheduled* for completion in the Fall of 2010… and it’s created a whole lotta’ mess and traffic in the heart of Atlanta. When complete, the traffic will lessen, and we’ll reap the benefits of three years of construction. Benefits are as follows:

  • A new bridge. A pretty one, at that.
  • Midtown’s streetscape palette will be extended throughout the 14th Street corridor.
  • A new, tree lined median extending from Fowler Street to West Peachtree.
  • A “”slip ramp”” on the west side of the connector, so that southbound traffic can opt to go directly to 10th street rather than stopping at 14th.
While it certainly won’t fix Atlanta’s transit problems (somewhere- as I type this- a Georgia House Representative is telling his or her constituents that Atlanta’s transit problems are irrelevant, but that’s another story for another blog post), it’s a step in the right direction for both pedestrians as well as those that live, work or play in Midtown.
The Midtown Alliance has put together a comprehensive website that addresses everything that you could possibly think of that relates to the 14th Street Bridge Project, including construction/traffic updates, commuter incentives, maps and plenty of resources for individuals or businesses that need to figure out a better way to deal with construction related issues.
For those of you history buffs, here’s what the bridge looked like when it was first constructed:


Here’s a rendering of what the new and improved bridge will look like:


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