Atlanta’s Hottest Chef: The Party

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If you like food and live in Atlanta, you should be reading Adventurous Tastes.

If you already read Adventurous Tastes, then you should be attending their first ever live event.

My pal Lindsey, a Five Questions With alum, puts the awe in this awesome blog and this Wednesday will be hosting a celebration of Adventurous Tastes’ First Annual Hottest Chef Contest. In a sign of improving Franco-American relations, the party will marry both beefcake and beef cake.

Complimentary appetizers, signature cocktails, at least one hot chef, fellow foodies, and your most favorite real estate agent, all on one fantastic roof deck.

The Deets

Adventurous Tastes’ Hottest Chef Party

Wednesday, August 5th at 7 pm

French American Brasserie
30 Ivan Allan Jr. Blvd.
Atlanta, GA 30308
404- 266-1440

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