Atlanta Transportation Town Hall Meeting

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I’m not sure what a town hall meeting looks like when ten counties are involved, but perhaps this is just a starting metaphor for Atlanta’s looming regional transportation tax showdown.  From The Civic League For Regional Atlanta:



Get a Move On! – a 10-County Town Hall

WHAT: A facilitated town hall meeting to kick off a yearlong grassroots conversation on transportation, growth and the future of the Atlanta region

WHEN: Saturday, July 23, from 8:30 AM to noon

WHERE: The Loudermilk Center for the Regional Community, Downtown Atlanta

WHY: Because a year from now, metro Atlanta voters will head to the polls to decide on a penny sales tax to fund regional transportation improvements. Not only is transportation one of the most critical issues facing our region today, but this is the first time voters have had the opportunity to vote regionally. This calls for a higher level of grassroots engagement.

WHAT NEXT: The 10-County Town Hall is free and open to all residents of the Atlanta region, but spaces are limited.

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