Bad Real Estate Photography

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Bad real estate photography is upsetting on a number of different levels.

For starters, it shortchanges the home that it’s supposed to showcase.  There’s plenty of research out there that essentially tells us that good photography is absolutely essential in marketing a home… yet somehow, there are still pictures out there defying such logic:

In defense of my industry, usually the worst offenders come from home owners who are either selling their home on their own.  Foreclosures and Short Sales are habitual offenders as well- the homeowner in this case has or will absorb a substantial loss, so there’s no reason to bring Annie Leibowitz in to snap photos of the patio.  But I’m still shocked- horrified really- at how often I find myself sending listings to Buyer Clients of homes that are presented so poorly by fellow agents.  I understand that times are tough and folks don’t want to shell out a few hundred dollars on professional pictures, but it hurts my eyes when I see shots like this:

Admit it- you’ve looked at real estate online and thought the same thing.  You hire us to help you maximize your investment or at the very lease mitigate your loss.  You expect that our motivation- either out of financial gain or professional obligation- will ensure that we do not so blatantly let you down.  Yet, it still happens:

I’ve showcased some pretty egregious examples for effect.  In reality, most of the mistakes that we see are much more subtle and involve lighting, focus, staging (or lack thereof) and composition.  The point however, should not be lost.  If you’re going to hire a Realtor to market your home, make sure that they’re committed to good photography.

Or, at the very least, photography.

Photo Credit: Very Vintage Vegas

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