Where Exactly Is (The) Highlands?

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 I remember being totally confused when I first heard someone refer to Virginia Highland as “The Highlands”. I was new to Atlanta at the time, and couldn’t quite figure out what made the neighborhood plural, or what the deal was with the “the”. The derivation is straightforward enough. One of the neighborhood’s central intersections is at Virginia and Highland Avenues. …

My All-Time Favorite X-Mas Song

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While the world was fawning all over “We Are The World” (with good reason, I might add), there was another mid-eighties, fundraising, star-driven chorus line out there lighting up the charts while doing good for those in need. Band Aid was the brainchild of (Sir) Bob Geldof, former Boomtown Rats front man and subsequent Live Aid grand poobah. It was …

Who Put The Cabbage In Cabbagetown

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Whenever I take visiting friends through Cabbagetown, I’m inevitably asked the same question: Why is it called Cabbagetown? There are several theories, and thanks to Wikipedia, I can share them with you: 1. The mostly transplanted poor Appalachian residents (largely of Scots-Irish descent) who worked in the nearby Fulton Bag and Cotton Mill, would grow cabbages in the front yards …

Good Food + Good Beer = Happiness

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Last night I spent a stellar evening at The BookHouse Pub, a new bar/eatery. (I’m deliberately not calling it a “gastropub”, which is this year’s “small plates”… if you know what I’m saying.) It’s the type of cozy, warm space that’s perfect for a blustery December evening. Its wood paneled interior was lined with books, and the soundtrack for the …

What’s The Beltline (and why should I love it)?

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Atlanta’s been abuzz with Beltline chatter since it was first proposed by a Georgia Tech grad student back in 1999. We all know it’s coming… and some of us know something about it… but most of the time, conversations about the Beltline are dotted with rumors, innuendo and lots (and lots, and lots) of hope. Just to sum up, this …

Low Rates… Getting Lower?

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“Saw yesterday that the going rate on a 30 year fixed is 5.25%. Read today (here) about the plan to possibly push rates down to 4.5%. Looking to buy, good news. Looking to refinance, good news. And who said there’s no good news these days!”

Atlanta’s Pizza Messiah

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Shortly after moving to Atlanta three years ago, my wife and I were confronted with the sad state of pizza in Atlanta. Hungry for a slice post-flick, we drove all over town looking for something, anything that resembled pizza. Not much was open, and we were forced to choose between Papa John’s and Domino’s. The pizza we ended up ordering …

The End Of Journalism As We Know It

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Today’s ajc.com features a photo feature that asks readers to vote for their favorite mid-tier, Atlanta-based fast food burger: “Arby’s or Wendy’s”. That was the actual headline. “Arby’s or Wendy’s”. Readers are also asked to pick between Arby’s Market FreshReuben sandwich or Wendy’s Baconator burger. I know that the newspaper business is in trouble… but, really? Really? If you’re looking …

Atlanta: We’re Healthier Than Huntington, West Virginia

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Atlanta’s sloganeers have long sought to define our fair city in one catchy, succinct and memorable phrase. From “The City Too Busy To Hate” to the much-maligned “Every Day Is An Opening Day” (well-chronicled by the NY Times, here), we’ve seen our share of doozies. Unfortunately, none have had the same ring as, say, “I Love New York”, or “What …

The Graffiti Enforcer!

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Anyone that’s ever been through the Krog Street Tunnel knows it’s more than just a road that connects Cabbagetown and Edgewood. It’s also the site of some of Atlanta’s best graffiti art, as well as the site of hundreds of cliche social media profile pictures. Back in June, Cabbagetown resident Rodney Bowman took it upon himself to protect the tunnel- …