Buyer Incentives

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Have you ever bought or tried a product not for the product itself, but because of a marketing inducement? Signed up for a credit card for the free t-shirt, opened a bank account for the free toaster, or bought something that you didn’t really need in order to get a free set of knife blades?

Now, imagine buying a house for a can of baked beans.
That’s right folks, you too can take advantage of this once in a lifetime offer: Clayton Homes, a manufacturer of modular homes, is offering a free can of VanCamp’s Pork and Beans with the purchase of any home now through December 31, 2009. As they say in the business, deals like this won’t last forever… so pick up the phone and order now!
In somewhat related news, I am offering a can of Bush’s Best Baked Beans to anyone who contacts me to set up a meeting to discuss either buying or selling a home. Bush’s Best beans are superior to VanCamp’s (in my humble opinion), and you also benefit from not actually owning a home that you bought simply for the beans.
You do, however, benefit from having met with me.
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