Castleberry Hill ArtStroll

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For Atlantans that complain that our fair City By The Perimeter has a lack of walkability, culture, art, happenings, interpersonal interaction and an abundance of cars, vanilla cookie-cutter condo buildings and frat party like bar scenes, I’ve got an activity for your (hopefully not rainy) Friday night: The Castleberry Hill ArtStroll.
Seriously, go get your art on tonight. You spent all week bouncing between Dancing With The Has Beens, American Idol and reruns of Bobby Flay trying to out green bean casserole some wahoo from Wayzata. It’s Friday night- get off your arse and do something fun tonight. It’s a great opportunity to scratch your chin and comment on composition and color, all while taking in one of Atlanta’s more eclectic enclaves.

For more info on the Castleberry Hill ArtStroll, click here.”

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