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No Sign. No Lockbox. Shown By Appointment Only.

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Property descriptions in the multiple listing service usually feature overblown broker babble touting new granite counters, “Pottery Barn” color palates, palatial master suites, and expansive backyards.  Even when marketing the most tragically neglected homes, successful Realtors usually find a way to rev up the hyperbole to warp speed.  It’s what we do.  It’s one of the reasons our clients pay …

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Who Wants To Live On The Atlanta BeltLine?

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  If you’d like to live on the Atlanta BeltLine, you’re in good company.  Living on the BeltLine- just about anywhere on the BeltLine- is a top priority for home buyers in Atlanta these days.  If you’re thinking about a BeltLine home, search all homes, condominiums and townhomes currently for sale on the Atlanta BeltLine:

What Does A Home Inspector Look For?

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I’m often asked by home buyers what a home inspector looks for during the course of an inspection.  It’s an important question considering that most home buyers aren’t qualified to assess the physical well being of a home, and most Realtors know enough to get themselves in to trouble. Rather than answer the question myself, I’ve turned to Jeff Luther, …


Realtors Gone Wild

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If you think that your Realtor has intentionally overpriced your home so that he/she can keep it “on market” as a meeting point for illicit liaisons with their boyfriend/girlfriend… then you might need a new Realtor. As originally reported on (because was probably already taken): A former president of the Passaic County Board of Realtors is accused in …

No, I Will Not Play Beer Pong and Video Games With You

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Earlier this week, the New York Times published an excellent article about the extreme measures some Realtors are taking to bond with their clients.  From hang gliding to beer pong playing, iPod tutoring to organizing scavenger hunts, these real estate agents are serious about standing out from the crowd.  So sayeth the Times: There are more than 52,000 licensed real estate agents …

Pricing Your Home To Sell

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Most home sellers are focused on two things:  selling their home for as much as possible, as fast as possible.  Pretty simple, right? Yes.  And no. For a thorough explanation, we turn to Broker, Christopher Bennett.  In addition to being ridiculously smart, Christopher is exceptionally talented at distilling complex concepts into very clear, concise thoughts.  So when it comes to …

My All-Time Favorite X-Mas Song

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While the world was fawning all over “We Are The World” (with good reason, I might add), there was another mid-eighties, fundraising, star-driven chorus line out there lighting up the charts while doing good for those in need. Band Aid was the brainchild of (Sir) Bob Geldof, former Boomtown Rats front man and subsequent Live Aid grand poobah. It was …

The End Of Journalism As We Know It

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Today’s features a photo feature that asks readers to vote for their favorite mid-tier, Atlanta-based fast food burger: “Arby’s or Wendy’s”. That was the actual headline. “Arby’s or Wendy’s”. Readers are also asked to pick between Arby’s Market FreshReuben sandwich or Wendy’s Baconator burger. I know that the newspaper business is in trouble… but, really? Really? If you’re looking …

Atlanta: We’re Healthier Than Huntington, West Virginia

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Atlanta’s sloganeers have long sought to define our fair city in one catchy, succinct and memorable phrase. From “The City Too Busy To Hate” to the much-maligned “Every Day Is An Opening Day” (well-chronicled by the NY Times, here), we’ve seen our share of doozies. Unfortunately, none have had the same ring as, say, “I Love New York”, or “What …

The Graffiti Enforcer!

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Anyone that’s ever been through the Krog Street Tunnel knows it’s more than just a road that connects Cabbagetown and Edgewood. It’s also the site of some of Atlanta’s best graffiti art, as well as the site of hundreds of cliche social media profile pictures. Back in June, Cabbagetown resident Rodney Bowman took it upon himself to protect the tunnel- …