Cold Air, Warm House

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Atlanta is getting (relatively) cold. Not as cold as some other places that I’ve had the pleasure of calling home (after spending several winters here, I have a different perspective on what cold really is), but cold for what we’re used to. Of course, none of us are too chilly yet- we’re at the stage of the season where we’ve yet to get our first mondo-heating bill, so we’re still cranking the heat away with reckless abandon.

Soon- too soon, unfortunately- we’ll all face that bill. We’ll turn the thermostat down, double up on sweaters, and start to wonder why natural gas costs so much. Well, here’s a good starting point: a good old fashioned pie-chart- courtesy of the U.S. Department of Energy- illustrating exactly how that warm air escapes:
Now that you know where the air escapes through, do something about it. While you might be perfectly comfortable putting a snuggie on the moment you enter your home, there are more cost-effective ways at managing the climate of your home.

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