Craftsman Style Homes

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Editor’s Note: This is part of A Is For Atlanta’s ongoing series profiling architectural styles.  Each profile represents a category of homes listed in the FMLS, the Atlanta-area multiple listing service.

Many people confuse the Craftsman style homes with the Bungalow style homes. However, there are some major differences between craftsmen type and bungalow type homes.  Bungalows are 1 to 1½ story houses which most often use elements of the Craftsman style.  Craftsman homes are larger scale, 2 or more full stories, and while the exterior ornamentation is comprised of simple materials, the level of detail work and ornamentation exceeds the modest Bungalow’s.  The signature wide and deep front porch is supported by heavy square columns and functions as an outdoor living space; it is not the ornamental type porch on many homes.

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To learn more about he Craftsman architecture style, click here.

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