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I’ve never been one to keep my feelings for Decatur a secret.  Decatur was my “”Atlanta Real Estate Sub Market Of The Year“” in 2011, which coincidentally was the second year that I waited patiently on the waiting list for the incredibly awesome and informative Decatur 101 class that the city conducts.  Decatur 101 is, as the binder above so accurately denotes above, “”Everything you need to know about Decatur””.  For the next eight weeks, here’s our agenda:

1. Decatur Police Station and Municipal Court-  Meet the Mayor, city historian, Police and Fire Chief.

2. Decatur City Hall- Meet the City Manager, learn how Decatur operates from a finance/operations/human resources perspective.

3. Smart Growth Walking Tour of Downtown Decatur

4. Public Works Building- This is our next class- I’m assuming I’m going to learn a ton about sidewalks, storm drainage and sewers.

5. Decatur Active Living

6. Decatur City Commission Work Session

And the verdict?

Fantastic class.  Yes, I show Decatur a ton of love… but this class is showing me a completely different side of the city.  Really a must attend for any Decatur residents… and a must-avoid for any of you who are already in a constant state of Decatur-envy.

I am in the process of working on DisForDecatur…

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