Decatur and Crime: Perception vs. Reality

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Is Decatur a safe place to live?  Is it getting safer, or more dangerous?  How do we define “”safe”” and “”dangerous””?

All valid questions, especially for those currently in the housing market.  While Decatur certainly has a (relatively) sterling reputation, a recent rash of robberies has some residents concerned.   My friend Dan Wisenhunt is wicked smart, and he wrote two recent posts on his blog Decaturish that address the recent uptick.  A taste:

It’s easy to report fear.  Fear is simple and exists at the surface level.  Fear shows up at community meetings and yells at public officials and police offers.  Facts are complicated and you have to dig for them.  Facts don’t always make for good video.  Facts can be a nuisance for someone who wants to feel justified in their assumptions.   But without them, this whole discussion about crime is nothing more than group therapy being played out on internet forums.


Read both posts: Putting Decatur’s Crime In Context and Criminal Comparisons: Finding Decatur’s Double.  They are both excellent reads, especially if you live or are thinking about living in Decatur.

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