Decatur Garden Tour

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As we ease out of the mid-nineties temperature of the summer into the more manageable mid-nineties of the fall, spending time outdoors is once again becoming an option for intrepid Atlantans.  Even with the allure of televised football begging folks to spend their weekends inside, there are some events worthy of the perspiration and DVR – The Decatur Garden Tour looks like one of those events.

I’ve never actually been to a garden tour before, but I imagine it to be something like a tour of homes.   And in this case, it’s a whopper of a tour: sixteen gardens in total featuring everything from a “zen garden” to a front yard that’s completely edible.  As a bonus, the famed private gardens of legendary landscape architect Ryan Gainey will be on display on Saturday.  The tour benefits the Oakhurst Community Garden Project and the Decatur Preservation Alliance, so know that the price of admission is going to two phenomenal causes.

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