Downtown Atlanta Behavior Tips

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Ever wonder how to behave while hanging out in Downtown Atlanta?  While I know that most of the five million residents of metro area spend very little time downtown, I would not be Atlanta’s most popular real estate blogger if I didn’t share the helpful set of  safety tips published by Central Atlanta Progress.  The next time you’re thinking about heading to Trader Vic’s to enjoy a Mai Tai, or considering a field trip to Centennial Olympic Park for a splash about in the Fountain of Rings, make sure you consult this list!

  • Stay alert and mindful of your surroundings
  • Project a confident image; walk with a purpose
  • Stick to well-lit, busy areas
  • Don’t leave valuables- especially electronics – in open view on your dashboard or seats
  • Remove convention badges while in public
  • Do not engage with or give money to aggressive panhandlers
  • Report suspicious behavior to the police or a Downtown Ambassador
  • Utilize the wayfinding signs and maps posted throughout Downtown

Edit/Image Credit: Central Atlanta Progress

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