East Atlanta Bungalow (and Urban Farm) For Sale

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If you’re looking to live steps from East Atlanta Village in a well maintained, classic bungalow, I’ve got something for you to consider.  But before you start considering… check out the backyard:

It’s not often that I’d lead with a backyard first, but exceptional circumstances call for exceptional blogging.  And the funny thin is, the house itself is as cute as a button:

Two bedrooms and two bathrooms, plenty of space and classic molding throughout.  We’ve priced the house to move at $149,900.  Not bad, considering that you’re just under a quarter mile from here:

Is the fenced backyard appealing for a farm or for Fido?

Is this bungalow best because of the rocking swing front porch or the classic hardwoods?

Is the location ideal because you’re down the street from Holy Taco or because you can hope on I-20 in less than two minutes?

There are no wrong answers.  Check out www.EastAtlantaBungalow.com for more information, or contact me directly to schedule a showing.

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