Energy Efficient HDTV’s On Their Way

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That pretty, flat-screen, HDTV changed everything. It was like you were watching television in a different dimension. Suddenly, you could actually read Shaq’s tattoos. It made you happy, and life was that much better.

What you didn’t know- and what you still might not know- is that even after you turned your glorious television off, it was still draining power. That’s just the way this new breed works.

Thankfully, the brilliant minds that brought us the brilliant televisions are starting to come up with solutions- click here to read a recent article in the Wall Street Journal that discusses this whole new generation of “green friendly” (I use the quotes loosely, as I’m still not sure how I feel about the term “green friendly”) high definition televisions. One company- Vizio- is actually using the term EcoHD. Somewhere, a proud marketing consultancy is cashing a very large check on that one.

Regardless of what they call it, it makes good sense. Glad to see some progress in tweaking the product that ranks third (behind HVAC and the refrigerator) in home energy consumption.

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