Fair and Walker Lofts: A Better Deal Than Dorm Life

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I just came across a ridiculously good deal: two 1 bedroom/1 bathroom units at Fair and Walker Lofts in Castleberry Hill priced at $62,000 and $49,500.  Built in 2006, these units were originally slated to sell for $150,000.

A little context, especially for parents who are helping foot the bill on their college-age student’s dorm bill.  For a 1-bedroom “”super single”” at Georgia State University’s University Lofts, you’re looking at $5,000 a semester.  Assuming your young scholar is able to graduate in eight semesters, that’s a total of $40,000.  Hard to believe that for an additional $10,000 or so, your child’s “”dorm”” could also double as a future investment property.

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