Farmers’ Market Season

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With May just around the corner, Farmers’ Market season is upon us.  Before you can say kale chips with a side of black radish gratin, your cup will runneth over with heirloom tomatoes and Fulton County grown bibb lettuce.  It will be glorious.

If you’ve forgotten where all the farmers’ market hot spots are around town, check out my summary of Atlanta Farmers’ Markets from last year.  Or, you could always see which metro Atlanta Farmers Markets that 11 Alive ranked in their top ten, or Atlanta Intown Paper’s recent Atlanta green market round up.

If the good food and good times aren’t enough to get you excited about the markets, check out this data from a 2010 University of Georgia study:

– If each household in Georgia spent $10 on locally gorwn produce, there’d be a $1.9 billion boost to the statewide economy

– Every 5% increase in local produce purchasing creates 345 Georgia jobs, $13.6 million in income and $43.7 million in sales.

– If all the carrots consumed by Georgians were produced and sold within the state, there could be an additional $12.8 million in direct revenue/sales.

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