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As the current recession drags on, we’re all learning the difficult lesson that there are no shortcuts to recovery.  Everything is taking a little longer and selling a home is certainly no exception.  Many sellers are confronted with the fact that their home is not worth what they paid for it, and in many cases, it’s not worth the balance of the mortgage.  This makes pricing a home to sell difficult- often times impossible- without taking a substantial loss.

While a homeowner may feel that a significant price reduction is sufficient means to move their product,  the job isn’t complete until the home looks as if it’s on an HGTV home improvement show.  These days, a house must truly be “”show ready”” in order to sell.  Them’s the rules of the currently over-supplied/under-demanded market.

To my chagrin, this was the first impression that my clients and I were greeted with when viewing a house recently:

A home seller may not think that this is that big a deal, especially if they’ve already gone through the process of listing their home for sale for 20% less than it was once worth.  A home buyer thinks the exact opposite.  After all, it’s hard not to wonder what else might be wrong with a house if this is what the doorbell looks like.  And at an asking price of nearly a half-million dollars, it’s really unacceptable not to replace something as minor as a doorbell.

Sometimes, it’s the little details that sell a house.  Don’t overlook them.

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