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Ever buy tickets to a live event, only to find that Ticketmaster’s “”convenience charge“” is almost as much as the ticket itself? Enter Ticket Alternative, a locally owned company that provides the ticketing service for Atlanta favorites (The EARL, Smiths Olde Bar, Andrews Upstairs) as well as host of events and venues nationwide (Hollywood Wax Museum, Riverfest Amphitheatre). Co-Founder Iain Bluett has not only found a way to deliver quality, fan-friendly ticketing, but the man from across the pond also knows a thing or two about The A. Let’s ask him Five Questions…

Q. One “VIP” ticket to see Paul McCartney play in Piedmont Park comes with a $30.45 Ticketmaster “convenience charge”. If you were handed $30.45 and asked to entertain Sir Paul prior to his concert in Atlanta, where would you take him?

A. I’d take him to The EARL, Atlanta’s version of Liverpool’s famed Cavern Club. We grab a burger (a veggie one for Sir Paul) and a pint and hopefully catch an Atlanta band! Maybe the next Beatles.

The Original Hipster: If it weren’t for Sir Paul, Ray LeMontagne and Zach Galifianakis would have no style.

Q. Favorite neighborhood(s)?

A. I’m a Midtown lad, which is where my wife and I live. There are about 50 great bars, clubs and restaurants all within walking distance. I love living in the city.

Q. If you were to throw a festival in Atlanta- logistics, costs, and other assorted headaches not being a concern- what would it look like?

A. Funny you should ask that because my business partner Jamie and I are already talking about putting on a mini music festival. How about this for a dream gig though?!! Location: Piedmont Park. Headliner: Stone Roses, opening acts, Oasis, The Verve and the Happy Mondays. Too Many DJ’s, Girl Talk and Fat Boy Slim in the Dance tent. Mad For It!!


Either annoyed that he’s opening for the Stone Roses or that Sir Paul received higher billing in this blog post, Oasis’ Noel Gallagher can’t help but seeth. It’s his thing.

Q. Where does a Brit in Atlanta go to get a taste of home?

A. I used to be loyal to The Hand in Hand, but one of my best and long-time friends (Russell) bar tends at Fado – so Fado it is. Great music and a proper pint.

Q. Ticket Alternative did the ticketing for an event in Sacha Baron Cohen’s upcoming film “Bruno”. Any stories you’d like to share?

A. We set up an MMA event in Texarkana, Arkansas. Seemed normal. Blue Collar Brawl. $5.00. Free Beer. What’s not to love! Halfway through a bout Bruno tried to make out with one of the fighters and all hell broke lose. I can’t wait to see Bruno to see if Ticket Alternative got a mention.

BONUS QUESTION: What is Ticket Alternative, and why is it awesome?

Because it’s run by 2 lads in it for the right reason. Jamie and I are music fans through and through. We make it cheaper for consumers to buy tickets and make it easier for clients to sell MORE tickets. We now print half a million tickets a month for events nationwide, so we must be doing something right! I love my job and I love my staff. I wouldn’t do this without them.

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