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I’m not sure who to attribute the quote “”new year, new you”” to, but there’s undoubtedly truth to the age old maxim. If you’re looking to do a little self-renewal, check out Bliss Spa in the W Hotel Downtown for tension busting, new-you-loving spa treatments. It’s the perfect way to usher in 2010, and to give yourself a gift that keeps on giving. Now, how about five questions for Joey Detenber, Manager at Bliss, to kick off the new year…

Q. When you’re not at Bliss, where do you go to get blissful?

A. The off-leash hiking trails with my Australian Cattle dog, Liza

Q. Favorite neighborhood(s)?

A. East Atlanta, I love the gritty charm

Q. If you had an unlimited budget to create the perfect home spa, what would it look like?

A. It would be a spacious oasis of heated marble floors, lush linens, customized water features a steam shower with aromatherapy (like bliss!) and a traditional sauna with a cooling soaking tub… oh and right on the beach!

Q. An out-of-town client is looking for a relaxing pre-spa afternoon. Where are you sending them?

A. To our neighbor, the Georgia Aquarium to watch the peaceful grace of all of the amazing creatures from the sea.

Q. One last meal in Atlanta- where are you going, and what are you eating?

A. The Patty Melt at The EARL in East Atlanta Village.

BONUS QUESTION: What is Bliss, and why is it awesome?

Bliss is a totally different approach to spa going in Atlanta! We offer out of the “spa-ordinary” products and services with a fun “don’t take life too seriously “ twist.

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