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Not sure what to do this New Year’s Eve? Fear not, dear readers, Jonathan Sheer already has your evening planned out. Sheer, the nightlife impresario behind Sheer Atlanta, is putting together a laid back, stress free and affordable option that’s too good to pass up. My fellow Arlington Admiral knows how to throw a good party- that much we know- but can he deal with five or six questions?Q. You’re asked to throw the biggest party that Atlanta’s ever seen- logistics, costs, and other assorted headaches not being a concern- what would it look like?

A. I would do a huge outdoor music festival with all the great bands that used to play at my bar (The Tin Roof in Buckhead 1996-2002). The artists would include Angie Aparo, Zac Brown Band, John Mayer, Evan & Jaron, Michael Tolcher, Michael Johns, Francisco Vidal, Scott Munns, and more…call it the Buckhead Family Reunion or something like that.Q. Favorite neighborhood(s)?

A. I suppose Buckhead, as I have lived here for 16 years – although I long for the old days of Buckhead when the East Village was still intact and not an unfinished construction project.Virginia-Highland is a great food neighborhood and the closest thing Atlanta has to a walking neighborhood.

Perhaps the prettiest picture of The Streets of Buckhead that we’ll see for some time…

Q. Most underrated thing about Atlanta?

A. The ethnic diversity on Buford Highway – it’s a complete mash-up of Asian, South American and American cultures. Most large cities have defined neighborhoods made of of ethnic groups, but in Atlanta these areas are all spread out and dispersed along Buford Highway.

Q. Best Atlanta celebrity sighting?

A. I use to see El all the time, but I feel like he isn’t here as much anymore. Probably the most fun was seeing Peyton Manning pre-NFL contract come into my old bar and sing with the band (alcohol was definitely involved).

Q. If you’ve got one meal left in Atlanta, where are you going and what are you eating?

A. I’m totally addicted to the new Antico Pizza Napoletano near Georgia Tech. It is incredible.

If this pizza does not look appealing to you, then you do not deserve to eat it.

BONUS QUESTION: What is Sheer Atlanta’s New Year’s Party, and why will it be awesome?

A. I started throwing a new Years party almost ten years ago as a way to stay in touch with old friends from the bar days as well as offer people a relaxed, no hassle, and affordable way to ring in the new year. That tradition continues at the new Tavern 99 in Buckhead with my annual party. Tickets are available here.

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Photo Credits: Chowdown Atlanta (pizza), Ben Carter Properties (Streets of Buckhead)

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