Five Questions With… Alan Pinstein

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“Another round of “”Five Questions With…””, perhaps the last one of 2008.

Name: Alan Pinstein
Occupation: Serial Entrepreneur
Q. Last meal in Atlanta. Where are you going and what are you eating?

A. That’s a tough one. I am going to say Fritti for a ceaser salad and a Fungi di Bosci (mushroom & truffle oil) pizza. 100% consistent pizza perfection.

Q. One day to show off Atlanta to Tom Selleck. Where are you taking him?

A. Stone Mountain, to carve him in his Ferrari chasing Robert E. Lee.

Q. Favorite neighborhood?

A. Decatur, of course! I love being able to walk everywhere, and besides, it’s where all the cool kids are 🙂

Q. Let’s assume you’re a betting man. Go “all-in” on one of the following: Atlantic Station, Streets of Buckhead or Underground Atlanta.

A. Streets of Buckhead FTW! Here’s to hoping we can develop some density, near mass transit, with some character. Fingers crossed…

(Ed. Note: If you don’t know what FTW means, click here.)

Q. Best Atlanta celebrity sighting?

A. Eating lunch next to Steve Harvey in the restaurant at Neiman Marcus. Him and 3 women. Poor guy didn’t say a word for an hour.

Q. Bonus Round: What’s your business, and why is it awesome?

A. is a centralized marketing platform for real estate. It’s awesome because it is going to help reshape the real estate industry by empowering homeowners and agents to unlock the true value of homes and help restore local classifieds by providing a modern real estate platform for newspapers.

Bonus Video: More about, below:

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