Five Questions With… Albie Effron

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“They said it was impossible. They said I was crazy. They don’t know Albie.

Interviewer and Interviewee, after their grueling interview
As the author of AIsForAtlanta and the father (is it father or owner when referring to pets?) of Albie Effron, I am proud to present this week’s Five Questions With. Albie Effron might just be a puppy, but he is wise beyond years and breed. Our hope is that this groundbreaking interview helps dogs thrive throughout our fair city…
Q. Favorite neighborhood?

Grant Park, hands down. We’ve got a really tight knit community. Not only is the park a big doggie playground, but we’ve even got a dedicated area where us dogs can, well, be dogs. And one of the new parks being developed around the BeltLine- Boulevard Crossing– is going to feature a fenced dog run! I’m really psyched about that- it’ll not only give us another option for play, but I’ll also get to meet dogs from Ormewood Park and Boulevard Heights.

Q. What do you look for in a new home?
I can get pretty antsy, which means from time to time I chew on the door trim. So for me, knowing that a home has been painted with no VOC paint is a big deal. VOC’s- or volatile organic compounds- are the chemicals, usually found in paint, that toxify your indoor air quality. If my folks go looking for a new home, I’m going to ask them to look out for this for me. If they’re going to move me into a home with carpet- which I’m not crazy about, but hey, it’s their house- I’ll also press them to make sure that the carpet is low (or no) VOC, installed with non-toxic glue. I spend a lot of time on the floor, so it’s the least they could do for me.
I’d also ask for a big yard. Don’t trust any dog that doesn’t want a big yard. Trust me on that one.
Q. Any great Atlanta celebrity sightings?
I’ve met a bunch of people and dogs that claim to know Jane Fonda’s dog, Tulea. We’re both Coton de Tulears and we live a couple of miles from one another, so everyone just figures we’re pals. I’d love to meet her some day. I’d ask her what it’s like to go on Letterman. I hear he keeps the studio super cold.

Q. Hidden Atlanta gem?

I love the scene at ParkGrounds in Reynoldstown. It’s a coffee shop with a dog park, which is a pretty brilliant idea if you ask me. So along with the free wifi, lending library, great events, and super coffee, they’ve also got an area for me to run game on some of the finest Bichons and Laberdoodles in town. My folks love going there because they can kick back and read the Sunday Times while I frolic within the safety of the gated park. ParkGrounds, FTW!

Q. Favorite Atlanta dog shops?

I’m a big fan of Highland Pet Supply. Not only do my folks get a ton of great stuff there, but I also had the pleasure of going to their training center for a five week training program. It was a ton of fun- I actually learned how to sit, stay and come on command. Pretty heady stuff, if you ask me.

I’m also a fan of Inman Park Petworks. Good stuff, good people.

When the ‘rents go out of town- if my grandparents aren’t around- I hang out at the Atlanta Dog Spa. It’s a great place- they’ve always got Disney movies on, the groomers are first rate, and there’s a big Club Med vibe going on, which is important for a young, single dog like me.

Albie’s Favorites:

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