Five Questions With… Amy Leavell Bransford

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Ok, so now you’re eating organic foods. Or at least, you’re trying to. But how ’bout all that stuff you’re putting on your skin? Ever take a gander at what they’re putting in that goop? You may not want to.
Amy Leavell Bransford is out to change that. A licenced aesthetician and owner of New Moon Skin Care, Amy uses only organic and paraben free products, meaning that your facial won’t just make your skin feel good, but it also do your skin good.
The real question is, how will she handle Five Questions With…
Q. Favorite neighborhood?

It’s a toss-up between Inman Park and Old Fourth Ward these days. We moved into Inman Park in Fall of 2008 and I have been enjoying the daily half mile commute to my salon at Studioplex on Auburn Ave. I love the close-knit community over here and especially the camaraderie between the small business owners. It feels like everyone is working together to achieve the same goal, rather than compete for each other’s clientele.

Q. Last meal in Atlanta. Where are you going and what are you eating?

Is this like my Last Supper? Atlanta has no shortage of great meals to offer. And being that I am currently 7.5 months pregnant, eating is a favorite pastime. That said, I absolutely love just about anything that Dynamic Dish prepares. I try to go there with a friend so we can justify ordering one of each menu item. Even with only a few daily items to choose from, it’s difficult. Everything that I have ever had there is amazing.
Q. I understand that you’re a former publicist. If you could wave a Magic wand and give instant, mass publicity to a hidden Atlanta gem, what (or who) would it be?
Wow…great question. Atlanta has many great people, places and things that need our support. I would love to lend my help to many of our fledgling small businesses but I am going to have to go with The Beltline on this. The Beltline stands to be one of the greatest things that Atlanta stands to offer its residents, not to mention what a great way to re-use 22 miles of historic railway. Being that Atlanta’s former city name was Terminus, a name/word associated with railroads, wouldn’t it be fantastic for our city to embrace this great way to connect our inner city communities? Come on, ATL, let’s take advantage of this amazing opportunity!!
Know nothing about The Beltline? You’ll love it. Click here to learn more.


Q. President-elect Obama is about to enter the pressure cooker, and we’ve seen how the job has really advanced the aging process of past Presidents. From a skincare perspective, how would you advise Obama on maintaining his boyish good looks?

I guess it’s fair to say that has now officially entered the pressure cooker since he has now been in the office some 45 days or so. Does he look like George Clinton’s mug shot yet? Hopefully he’s got plans to put a great aesthetician on his cabinet staff…especially if he’s still a smoker. Smoking cigarettes is one of the worst things that you can do for your skin.

Dr. Funkenstein earned that face without the help of a beleaguered economy or global instability.Q. One day to show off Atlanta to the cast of The Golden Girls. Where are you taking them?

I think any Atlanta visit demands a trip to the Cyclorama (with Col. Bruce Hampton serving as historical interpreter) so we’d have to start there, then I would kick things up a bit with drinks at the Euclid Ave Yacht Club or the Vortex in L5P. We’d then walk over and check out the Elvis Shrine at the Star Bar. You KNOW these ladies just love to let their hair down…didn’t you get the feeling that behind all that Aqua Net that they were just WILD? We’d have to go from there to some male review…Swingin’ Richards or maybe a cabaret club. I’d want to wrap the night up with some dancing at Johnny’s Hideaway…it’s probably the most cliche part of the evening but I think they’d love it. I hope that hanging out with them might make me feel youthful again.
No, this is not from an ironic, hipster t-shirt at Urban Outfitters. This is really their logo.

Bonus Question: Why is New Moon Skin Care awesome?

New Moon is the only skin care facility in town that offers facials using products that are made with certified organic ingredients and are completely free from chemical preservative systems (parabens) and harmful surfactants and other additives. You’ll get great results from your facial and you will want to go home and immediately toss all the junk that you’ve been using from the drugstore. Except I won’t let you toss it into a landfill. You can bring all your old products to me so that it can be recycled and I will give you 10% off of anything new that you buy.

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Photo Credits: Dynamic Dish (DD website), George Clinton (public record), Johnny’s Hideaway (Hudspeth Report), Beltline (Beltline Partnership)


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