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When fellow Sanctuary Real Estate Realtor Bee Nguyen isn’t out and about rocking Atlanta as one of the city’s finest real estate professionals, she’s handling the business of her fledgling non-profit, Athena’s Warehouse.  Athena’s Warehouse provides prom dresses to high school girls in exchange for community service, a simple exchange that promotes self-esteem and community service in one fell swoop.  As if that weren’t enough, Athena’s Warehouse is throwing their first prom-themed fundraiser “”Head Over Heels!”” on March 12, at Studioplex in the Old Fourth Ward.  Nothing like reliving glorious memories of your prom, all for a great cause.   So in honor of “”Head Over Heels!””, a special prom-themed Five Questions With…

Q. The Goddess Athena has asked you to show her around Atlanta.  Where are you taking her?

A. I would take her the Clermont Lounge on a Saturday night, buy her a lap dance, and a cool tee shirt that she can wear when she gets back to Mount Olympus.  But if that weren’t her style, then I would take her to a Braves game and teach her how to heckle the fans. She is probably refined, so I want to teach her how to be dirty.

Q. Favorite neighborhood(s)?

A. I am actually a favorite street type of person rather than neighborhood.  My favorite streets are Ponce de Leon and Freedom Parkway–Ponce because of all the glam and glitz (or rather the grittiness) and Freedom Parkway because it is a great way to cut through the city.  It used to be a secret, but now more and more people use it, which makes me kinda sad.  I also like to run on the PATH trail and look at the MLK structure on my way home from work.  The Freedom Parkway and Boulevard intersection is one of best skyline views of Atlanta.

Q. What makes prom- as an institution- great?

A. Prom is a great way to bring the students together to celebrate their final years in high school.  The excitement of finding a cool dress, getting your hair done, and dancing with all of your friends. And it may be the one day of the year when all the kids are nice to each other, even the cool kids.

Q. If you had your choice, which prominent Atlantan would you take as your prom date: Bobby Cox, Baton Bob or Elton John?

Can I take Usher or Jane Fonda?  Usher because he is handsome, dresses well, and I want to slow dance with him middle school style.  Jane Fonda because Athena would love her.  I love the Braves, but I am not a Bobby Cox fan.  I would be afraid to have cocktails with Baton Bob.  And I am afraid that Elton and I would have nothing to talk about.

Q. Last meal in Atlanta- where are you going, and what are you eating?

A. My last meal in Atlanta would be at Chateau de Saigonon Buford Highway.  I would double fist with a bowl of pho and burnt rice with pork.  The burnt rice is amazing and reminds me of my childhood.  And who can say no to pho? I would end it with a chocolate creme brulee from Pura Vida.

BONUS QUESTION: What is Athena’s Warehouse, and why is it awesome?

A. Athena’s Warehouse is a non-profit organization that collects prom dresses for high school girls in exchange for community service.  We get bonus points for recycling and we make the world go round by asking the girls to donate their time to another cause.  And we are urban–Athena is a warrior, not a princess!

The Relevant LinkageTo find out more about Athena’s Warehouse, or to donate money or prom dresses, click here.

To buy tickets for Athena’s Warehouse’s prom-themed fundraiser, Head Over Heels, click here.

To check out available lofts in Studioplex, where Head Over Heals is being held, click here.


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