Five Questions With… Christa From Pecanne Log

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Q. As his first act in office, Kasim Reed appoints you as Atlanta’s Cultural Ambassador to the planet- what are your top priorities?

A. Start an “”Atlanta for Atlantans”” cultural campaign. Atlanta needs a cultural ambassador to itself first, before we can worry about what other people think of us. We would promote the neighborhoods’ cultures to Atlantans and celebrate our own history and creative output. Maybe a little neighborhood passport that encourages people to take MARTA to a new neighborhood on a Saturday and eat and shop and walk around there.

To the rest of the world, market the weird and wonderful history of our city. With the right amount of money, any city can get a panda or a whale. Not every city has all these buildings go up in flames, the fantastic gay history, the flourishing African-American community before even civil rights, so many start-up media enterprises, and the rise and fall and partial rise again of Ponce de Leon Avenue.

Banish anyone in Atlanta who utters the words “”pirate museum“” to Tampa. I better stop before I turn this into a 20-point strategy.

Q. Favorite neighborhood(s)?

A. I love them all so dearly. I guess Downtown isn’t really a neighborhood in the traditional Atlanta sense, but that’s probably my perennial favorite. Also right now I am really into Druid Hills.

Q. On your blog, Pecanne Log, you were a passionate supporter of City Council candidate Amir Farokhi.  If you had 24 hours to show off Atlanta to Amir, where would you take him?

A. Amir is a city boy who ran for an at-large post, so I bet he knows Atlanta better than I do. Therefore I would take him outlet mall shopping in the suburbs. We would go to Old Navy and buy matching Performance Fleece.

Q. It’s your last meal in Atlanta- where are you going, and what are you eating?

A. The cheese plate at The Porter!  Several cheese plates at The Porter. Or any place with a good cheese plate, really.

Q. 24 hours driving The Perimeter, 12 hours riding MARTA or 6 hours walking up and down Peachtree?

A. I choose walking up and down Peachtree for 6 hours only because I can’t do anything for more than 2 hours, and it would depend which buses and trains I take for that 12 hours on MARTA. I would walk up and down Peachtree all day anyway because I love running into that guy who wears the red lace-up go-go boots and the white lab coat.

BONUS QUESTION: What is Pecanne Log, and why is it awesome?

A. It is a blog. It is only awesome when we remember to write our Atlanta obsessions in it instead of just telling our friends. (Resolution for 2010.)

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Photo Credits: (The Porter), The House That Ray Croc Built, (‘Burglar)

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