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This Saturday, Dad’s Garage Theatre is throwing their annual BaconFest fundraiser. With a lineup that includes beer, bacon, bands, live improv, a great silent auction, more bacon and a Guitar Hero Challenge, BaconFest is one of the highlights of the Atlanta social circuit. A-listers will mingle, copious amounts of pork will sizzle in their own fat and organic yet infectious comedy will tickle the funny bone.
Dan Triandiflou, Improv Director at Dad’s, is here to answer five questions that will inspire you to attend BaconFest…
Q. A day to show off Atlanta to Tom Selleck. Where are you taking him?

Baconfest at Dad’s Garage Theatre! Beer, bands, bacon…plus “Hunt an Improviser”, secret booths, and a bounce house! He’ll never want to leave, even if there’s a Magnum reunion.

The David, post BaconFest.

Q: Favorite neighborhood?

Inman Park: the perfect combination of restaurants, businesses, and residential neighborhoods. Plus, Little 5 is right around the corner. I’ll see you at the Yacht club.


Q: Last meal in Atlanta. Where are you going and what are you eating?

The Vortex: their Coronary Bypass Burger and a Sweet Georgia Brown pint. I’d die a happy, fat mess.


8 ounces 100% ground sirloin, 3 strips bacon, 1 large egg, 2 slices American cheese, 4 slices of bread, butter, 1 lettuce leave, 1 slice tomato, 1 slice red onion. Tots optional.

Q. Best Atlanta celebrity sighting?

I’m sitting next to Amber Nash right now.

Has the fame gone to Amber Nash’s head? Attend BaconFest and find out…

Q. If there was a Dad’s Garage themed model home, what might it look like?

A Dad’s Garage model home would be the fuselage of a Cessna that is being held together by used paper towels and PBR cans. The bar would be fully stocked, the halls littered with random novelty items and dated fashions, and only used couches are available for sleep. No family would occupy the home, the only residents would be an assortment of wisecracking uncles.

Rickles: so multifaceted, just as comfortable playing the wisecracking uncle as he is taking on the part of the on-site real estate agent…


Bonus Question: What’s BaconFest and why is it awesome?

BaconFest is a festival as only Dad’s Garage can put together. Carnival games, local bands, a bounce house, an improv show, kegs of beer, and over two hundred pounds of bacon.

What makes it awesome? All of the above plus some of the silent auction items up for grabs: front row seats and the chance to meet Flight of the Conchords, a chance to watch a live taping of the Regular Guys, a six month membership to X3 kickboxing right across from Jac, business class AirTran tickets, best row seats to see Bruce Springsteen, Braves tickets, gift certificates from just about anywhere you can imagine, original artwork, Thrashers tickets, and the list goes on!

To find out more about BaconFest, click here.

To find out more about a family that actually lived in a model home, click here.

For a condo that’s so close to Dad’s Garage that you’ll actually be able to smell the bacon from the terrace on Saturday, click here.”

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