Five Questions With Dubelyoo

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Atlanta-based Dubelyoo is an internationally acclaimed mixed-media artist and curator. He’s had work featured at Art Basel Miami and his unique portraits or some rap’s biggest icons have launched him to both critical and commercial success.  A few minutes away from the studio and off the road, Dubelyoo answers five pressing questions…

Q. 24 hours to show off Atlanta’s art scene to a group of visiting artists- where are you taking them?

A. I would take them to them to the Castleberry area. There are allot of cool spots there and the High Museum their shows and programs are getting better. But I would probably call up some art friends and have everybody meet for some pizza.

Q. What local people and places inspire you?

A. I’m inspired by people who are pushing the envelope and work on being better at what they do not lesser versions of what someone else does. I’m into Maurice Evans his color combination are awesome, John Tindel he has an urban folk art feel that is the truth.

Q. It’s your last meal in Atlanta- where are you going, and what are you eating?

A. I really dig La Fonda. But for a last meal I may hit up Fat Matts.

Q. Mayor for the day- what’s on the agenda?

A. Remove graffiti from the highways and start city wide mural projects where artists can bid and get paid to put their work in the streets.

Q. You’re given the opportunity to produce a huge piece of public art, no legal or financial restrictions. What Atlanta location are you choosing?

A. I would build a hip hop themed park with free wall for artist to do murals and I would put it in the heart of Buckhead.

Bonus Question: Your “Art, Beats + Lyrics” exhibition is the country’s largest traveling urban art exhibit.  Why is it awesome?

A. It’s awesome because it brings art to the people. For some of the audience at AB+L it is their first art show. So we try to give them a hot art event to remember.

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