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With an eye for turning unexpected items into beautiful jewelry, Ellen Witt is the straw that stirs the drink at Marcellina G., an Atlanta based jewelry line that’s making waves coast to coast. She’s an it-gal-about-town, and she’s ready to run through Five Questions With…
Q. Uncle Jesse is emptying the “Full House” and bringing his nieces to Atlanta for a field trip. They’ve got a weekend to enjoy our fair City By The Perimeter. What are your recommendations?

Uncle Jesse should hire a babysitter and meet me for a glass of wine at Cafe Di Sol.

 Q. Last meal in Atlanta. Where are you going and what are you eating?The last meal I ate was a Humster Panini at the Inman Perk (a favorite spot of mine). But the last meal I’d eat in Atlanta before a LONG hiatus would have to be either at the Highland Bakery (with a side of jalapeno cheese grits), Wisteria … or maybe even Bacchanalia (hopefully not on my bill).Q. Favorite neighborhood?

Midtown, for sure. I didn’t realize exactly how much I loved the neighborhood until I moved in. On a perfect midtown day, I’d walk to the Flying Biscuit for brunch followed by a stroll through Piedmont Park. Then I’d make my way over to the High Museum to draw in the galleries while the sound of Friday night Jazz whistles in my ears. From there I’d move along for a burger with friends at the Vortex and maybe a drink or two at Ecco, Cypress or Tap. And finally I’d end back at my humble abode where I’d wave goodnight to my neighbor across the street and his goldendoodle.

The High’s Atrium: And you thought that your utility bills were high.

Q. Best Atlanta celebrity sightings?

I’m TERRIBLE at recognizing celebs, but I do have a bunch of really cool friends whose lives I love to follow. Just to name a few … Amy Leavell Bransford, New Moon Skincare and spa extraordinaire, Danica Winters, organic hair genius at the Plum and Jaci Effron, my all time favorite style-maker.

Edit. Note. Jaci Effron is my wife, and she is my all time favorite style-maker as well.

Q. Hidden Atlanta gem that everyone needs to experience/see/do at least once?

I feel compelled to say MJQ since it’s literally hidden underground. Every Atlantan who has a speckle of attitude needs to experience this place at least once. It’s one giant culture fest where you’ll find people from just about every walk of life melding into one. Where’s Waldo at the MJQ: Can you spot the investment banker?

Bonus Question: Why is Marcellina G. awesome?

Because every piece of Marcellina G. jewelry is handmade with oodles of love. Our jewels all come with their very own story about the history involved in their making, the closets they used to be a part of, the collectors who discovered them, and the hands with which they were built. We work with an eclectic combination of vintage and new, delicate and strong, humor and satire AND color and contrast. Marcellina G. brings history to our present, adds love to our lives and pushes laughter into our style. And that is why we are awesome … if I do say so myself.And now, for the part of the show where I tie it all back to Real Estate:Go big or go home in this top-dog, luxury condo in Midtown. Close to all of Ellen’s favorites, you’ve got enough rooms and bells and whistles to invite everyone back from the MJQ for the after party of all after parties. Not that you’re planning to do that. I’m just saying.

Photo Credits: MJQ (cityvoter), Uncle Jesse (ABC, NBC), High Museum (off beat travel)

Next on the list would probably be running the Peachtree Road Race.

Stamos has evolved his game over the years, but one thing is constant: he still parts his hair to the right.

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