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“After my longest blogging sabbatical to date, I’m excited to follow up with a special edition of Five Questions With. This week, I’m proud to present a q&a with one of the Atlanta blogosphere’s bonadfide superstars, Hardy Wallace.

Hardy is the mastermind behind Dirty South Wine, a beloved wine-centric blog. If you like drinking wine, read this blog. Hardy’s a gifted writer, he’s got a refined palate, and the man knows his ATL. Makes me wonder, how will he handle his Five Questions With… ?

Q. It’s your last meal in Atlanta- where are you going and what are you eating? “Riding Dirty” style, what wine(s) are you pairing with it?
If I’m going to be checking out of the ATL, I want to be feeling good about it. My last meal would be Dynamic Dish for sure.

I’d start with one of their soups- like their Leek Sunchoke soup. I’d pair that with a glass of Tarlant Champagne. (Minimal dosage, DIRTY-BIRD style bubbles!)

For a “”salad”” I’d want some of their steamed collards with Umeboshi vinegar and olive oil- Though these greens are perfect on their own. I’d sneak in sips of an older Savennieres like a 1994 Clos Du Papillion. Like sippin’ on crushed oyster shells, dried oranges, and room-temperature (yet still molten) rock!

Dinner- give me a simple dish with grains, mushrooms, quark, and a 2006 Jean-Paul Thevenet Morgon (Cru Beaujolais). Earthy-funk, spice, animal and fruit– This is reformed psycho-killer juice (They tell you it he’s safe, but you wouldn’t want to be alone with him.)

Dessert- Maeda’s Organic Chocolate cake all by itself. Organic perfection.


Ed. Note: Check out Hardy’s Riding Dirty Atlanta Wine Pairing Challenge, here. Brilliant.
Q. Favorite neighborhood?


Midtown has been my home for more than 8 years. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the ATL- It has some of my favorite spots– Piedmont Park, the HIGH Museum, the Botanical Gardens, beers and burgers at The Vortex, the wine bar at ENO, the patio at ECCO… It is walkable, has the best access to transportation, and I rarely need to drive anywhere.

Q. 24 hours riding MARTA, 12 hours driving around the perimeter, or 8 hours walking up and down Peachtree?


Tough call- I like to walk (and as my friend Jean says “”there is never any traffic on the sidewalk””), but I LOVE the MARTA bus!!!! I’ve mapped out most of my favorite ATL wine and dine destinations on MARTA. The 110 bus (aka The Peach) stops directly in front of many of my favorite haunts…. I’d take the bus for 24 as long as I could make a few pit stops.

Attention Atlantans: This bus route runs through the spine of your city. Use it!

Q. Best places to buy and/or drink wine in Atlanta?

For restaurants, this is a tie between Top FLR and the bar at ENO. Both have great, eclectic, “”by the glass”” lists, and are loaded with old-world, nerd-juice. For shops- Ansley Wine Merchants. They are laid back and have a great selection of value-oriented wine, entertaining shelf-talkers, and you’ll even find some “”Dirty South Wine Picks”” on their shelves.

Q. One day to show off Atlanta to Spinal Tap. Where are you taking them?

1. Cyclorama! Everyone needs to see the World’s Largest 360 degree painting of the Civil War.2. The Vortex in Little 5 Points. Though I’m a bigger fan of the Midtown location. Who doesn’t want to walk through a giant skull to have a burger?3. Trader Vic’s for Mai Tai’s and music by Tongo Hiti (Thurs. nights). A full journey from tropical oasis, to high-energy retro-rock. Later in the night, this place has a way of releasing your inner Beavis morphed with Hunter S. Thompson. You can’t lose with marimba, stand-up bass, and occasional Theremin solos. I think their amps go to 11.

4. After Trader Vic’s– It is time to ride the elevators across the street at the Marriott Marquis. A journey straight into a science fiction movie. It is like being in the heart of the Death Star, or Cloud City. The fountains at the Bellagio can’t compete.

Bonus Question: What is Dirty South Wine and why is it awesome?

Dirty South Wine is an Atlanta based Wine Blog that aims to remind the reader that wine is not about knowing— it is about exploring, sharing, and having fun with people. Wine is like no other product. It has developed an awkward air of exclusivity- where people feel they can’t enjoy it unless they know something about it, and where markets and opinions are entirely led by people telling them what they should or shouldn’t like. This is so odd, because few products have the ability to bring as much joy as wine, and yet there are these imaginary walls and misconceptions that act as a barrier to enjoyment. Dirty South Wine ignores all that and encourages people to explore, enjoy and share.

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