Five Questions With… Jeff Mendelson

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“Think of “”Five Questions With…”” as Inside The Actor’s Studio meets Monica’s Closeups, with a dash of Magnum P.I., for good measure. Our maiden voyage, below:

Name: Jeff Mendelson
Age: 33
Occupation: Senior Recruiter, Accounting and Finance
Q. Last meal in Atlanta. Where are you going and what are you eating?
A. Probably Bones, but only because I’ve never been there and I love a good steak. I’d probably get the Porterhouse, but I’m open to recommendations.

Q. One day to show off Atlanta to Tom Selleck. Where are you taking him?

A. I guess I’ll take him to Bones with me. The day I show Tom Selleck around Atlanta, will probably be my last day in Atlanta, so for logistical reasons…

Q. Favorite neighborhood?

A. Riverside baby! Good proximity to most of Atlanta, up and coming area, great investment opportunity, and never a dull moment.
Q. Hawks, Falcons, Braves or Thrashers?
A. In order: Braves, Falcons, Hawks, Thrashers. If the Hawks ever become a dominant team, they could move up the list.
Q. Earliest Atlanta memory?
A. Late nights- at Park Towers with Jon & Jared- that involved Sega’s NHL 94 and Sam’s Chinese Gourmet.

Ed. Note: I am not the Jon he’s referring to, although I do enjoy Chinese food and was legendary for my Sega NHL 94 skills. I have since sworn off my Sega Genesis for Scrabble, which I’m just ok at.

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