Five Questions With… Jesse Altman

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 Locally owned and operated, Whynatte Latte is on the path to worldwide dominance, one energy infused coffee drink at a time. For our latest FQW, we’ve cornered Whynatte poobah Jesse Altman and kindly asked him to reflect on food, beverage, neighborhoods and Whynatte.
Listen to the man, he knows what he’s talking about.
Q. Last meal in Atlanta. Where are you going and what are you eating?

It would have to depend on the mood. If I’m feeling casual and watching my wallet, I would have to go for a Woody’s cheese steak, all the way, with an extra oz of steak. If I’m looking to break the bank, it would have to be an all out feast at Rathbun’s Steak.



Q. Whynatte was recently featured on an episode of MTV Cribs, where it was seen dominating the fridge of local rapper Yung Joc. If Yung Joc asked you to show him around town, where would you take him?

Probably a romantic afternoon at the Cyclorama. If Cyclorama’s aren’t his thing, then I would probably take him for BBQ at Fox Bros BBQ on Dekalb Ave, followed by a night of Whynatte drinking all over the city.

The gold H, about as heavy as a full rack of Fox Bros ridiculously good ribs.

Q. Favorite neighborhood?

Inman Park. You can walk to restaurants and shops, and the neighborhood oozes with old school Atlanta charm. I grew up in Virginia Highlands, so that neighborhood as well.

Q. Best Atlanta celebrity sighting?

When they were filming Scream 2 in Atlanta, I ran into Courtney Cox and David Arquette at the BofA ATM in Virginia Highlands. I was pretty impressed to see Courtney Cox using an ATM – who would have known that celebrities use ATM’s?

David Arquette, the man that who epitomizes the idea of “”marrying up””.

Q. What are the most unlikely yet delicious Whynatte pairings?

One of the most delicious Whynatte pairings to emerge on the scene as of late is called The Saint. Named after James (he invented the shot), a bartender at Smith’s Olde Bar, The Saint is a shot of Jameson and Bailey’s, dropped into a pint glass half full of Whynatte Latte. Kind of like the Whynatte version of the Irish Car Bomb. Another beauty is the original Whynatte bomb, which would be a shot of Jagermeister dropped into a glass of Whynatte. Granted, it doesn’t sound like the most enticing combination, but it’s actually how the whole Whynatte movement came about.

Bonus Question: Why is Whynatte Latte awesome?

At only 100 calories a can, the Whynatte Latte combines the functionality of your typical energy drink with the taste of a premium latte. The Whynatte Latte is also awesome because it is a locally owned company, the first ready-to-drink coffee used as a mixer in bars, and tastes flat out unbelievable on its own.

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