Five Questions With… Johnny Colt

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Johnny Colt is a modern day renaissance man. He’s an entrepreneurial, real estate developing, Muay Thai practicing, acclaimed photographing superman. Oh, and he’s also sold over 10,000,000 records worldwide as a member of The Black Crowes, Train and Rockstar Supernova. Now starring in At Full Volume, a pilot for The Travel Channel, he’s bringing his joie de vivre to the masses.

Let’s go at full volume with the Five Questions With…


Q. Fellow Travel Channel stars Adam Richman and Anthony Bourdain are coming to town and they’re hungry. You’ve got 24 hours to make sure they’re happily fed- where are you guys headed?

A. H & H Restaurant in Macon for soul food, Chateau de Saigon on Buford Highway and LottaFrutta in the Old Fourth Ward.

Q. Your show is called At Full Volume- if you’re hitting the Atlanta music scene, where do you prefer to turn it up to eleven?

A. At the Graveyard Tavern and 529 Club in the East Atlanta Village and Thunderbox Studios.

Q. If you could redevelop any part of Atlanta- politics and money not being an issue- where would it be and what would you do?

A. I have actually been developing the Old Fourth Ward – best part of the city – with my partners in the E Group – an energy efficient consulting firm that works toward eco-friendly real estate development. A few of the projects I have been a part of: Sager Lofts , The 471 building, Thunderbox Studios.

Q. In your first episode of At Full Volume you visit Thailand. Highlights?

A. While I was there, I met a kid who was maybe nine years old and a duck bit his penis! That didn’t make it into the show though. As far as Thailand highlights, other than the broken hand, fighting snakes and climbing ocean cliffs – the food, the beautiful people and the she-males were all amazing. Learning the instrument known as the phen (pronounced pin) was a nice musical leap. Working with Yarinda Bunnag was inspiring. She is an artist through and through.

Rubber Ducky: Not so safe after all.

Q. You could live anywhere in the world, and you choose to call Atlanta home. What do you love about living here?

A. The people. It’s that simple. Nowhere else in the world do you find the folks you do in the Atlanta. The red mud must just be in my bones.

Bonus question: What is At Full Volume, and why is it awesome?

What is At Full Volume!? The barrel of the Smith & Wesson revolver known as “time” squeezed hard against your temple. The clock is running out. Live your life with urgency. Why is it awesome? Once you accept you’re a dead man you become free.

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