Five Questions With… Jonathan Baker

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“Jonathan Baker is one busy dude. By day (and sometimes night), he’s the Atlanta Editor for Citysearch, traversing our fine City By The Perimeter to find the best of the best in eating, shopping and playing. By night, he’s the Founding Partner of Pop Death Squad, the outfit behind Big Trouble In Little Five Points, the must-attend monthly music showcase at Star Bar. If there’s one guy that needs to run the gauntlet that is “”Five Questions With…””, it’s JB.

Q. Last meal in Atlanta. Where are you going and what are you eating?

Gotta go with my man, Kevin Rathbun’s signature restaurant. Rathbun’s was the first restaurant I really fell in love with in the city. I probably went there two dozen times in 2005. These days I’d rather take in the late-night burger at Holeman and Finch, hit Shaun’s for their pork schnitzel or head to the high-brow Il Mulino for NY Italian. But for the last meal, I’ve gotta go with the old reliable choices from Rathbun’s–Eggplant steak fries, crab tart app, mock turtle soup and the scallops benedict over country ham grits.

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