Five Questions With… Kristen Hard

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“For our special Valentine’s Day edition of “”Five Questions With…””, we chatted with Kirsten Hard, the proprietor of chocolate boutique Cacao and K Chocalat. K Chocolat offers exclusive, handcrafted, artisan chocolates made with an international and holistic appeal. K Chocolat rocks.

Q. Last meal in Atlanta. Where are you going and what are you eating?

A. My last meal in Atlanta was at Dynamic Dish! This is a place where the food is truly made with love.

Q. Favorite neighborhood?

A. My favorite neighborhood is Inman Park of course!

Q. Favorite kitchen tools?

A. My favorite kitchen tool is my knife. I use Global and am totally in love.

Q. It’s not a stretch to say that President Obama has one of the more stressful jobs in the world. If you could prescribe him a chocolate therapy program to help him cope with the stress, what would it be?

A. I would prescribe a regimen of 2 chocolates a day for President Obama that have a secret blend of spices and herbs that would promote his well being so that he can make the changes he needs to make.

Q. Most romantic spots in Atlanta for Valentines to share their K Chocolat?

A. The most romantic spot in atlanta to share K Chocolat chocolates is at Cacao.

Bonus Question: Why is K Chocolat awesome?

A. Giving K Chocolat is giving love.. and that is why it is awesome.

To contact K Chocolat/Cacoa, click here.

To buy your sweetheart a sweet set of Global Knives, click here.Live thisclose to Cacoa, in a sweet one bedroom loft on N. Highland Avenue, here.

Photo Credits: Young Obama (Diplomatic Courier, Global Knife (GK website), K Chocolat (Blissful Glutton)

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