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If there’s one thing AisForAtlanta loves more than Atlanta Real Estate, it’s good food. It’s an essential- always has been, always will be. But keeping up with both restaurant world as well as the home kitchen is hard work. What’s a curious, intrepid eater to do? Thankfully, there’s Adventurous Tastes. Written by local food phenomenon Lindsey Zuckerman, Adventurous Tastes is a culinary tour around our Fair City By The Perimeter, with frequent stops in places that make eaters happy.
Just the type of gal to face down Five Questions With… with aplomb.

Q. Anthony Bourdain decides he wants to tape an episode of No Reservations in Atlanta, and he calls on you to be his guide. Where are you taking him?
A. I’d definitely take him to Buford Highway because that’s where the hidden gems of Atlanta are. We could do a Latin restaurant crawl, starting with some pupusas and the stellar shrimp cocktail at Rincon Latino, tacos at El Rey del Taco, and for dessert we could head back into town for the most amazing tres leches cake ever at Tierra.

Sometimes, you can judge a book by its cover. So-so font = good tacos.
Q. Where do you think Atlanta’s food and restaurant scene is five years from now?
A. I hope our restaurant scene will be on the national stage by then. Atlanta dining doesn’t get enough respect. With people like Linton Hopkins being chosen as a Food & Wine Best New Chef and some upcoming Top Chef attention, I think that people will begin to see that it’s more than fried chicken and grits at Atlanta restaurants (although we do that really well, too). I’m also hoping to see more challenging restaurants like Abattoir taking root. There are so many talented young chefs in town, so I think the next five years will be really exciting if Atlanta diners can prove to them that they can build their careers here.

He might seem happy in this head shot, but Pura Vida’s Hector Santiago won’t be smiling when he’s dealing with the wrath of Gail Simmons on Top Chef!

Q. Create a five course tasting menu from around Atlanta. What’s for dinner? (can include restaurants, grocery, home cooks, etc.)
A. OK, I’d be stuffed silly at the end of this but here are some of my faves-

To kick things off, I’d have a Piedmont Apple (fresh pressed apple juice, bitters, sparkling sauvignon blanc + grated cinnamon) and cornmeal fried oysters from Holeman and Finch- these go down fast!

Next up would be a Fox Bros Brisket Burger with JCT’s truffle fries and Mexican corn from El Taco.

Dessert at home is always nice, so we could end with my homemade peanut butter molten chocolate cakes. After that I’d slip into a food induced coma, but I’d have a smile on my face!

Q. Favorite neighborhood?
A. I live near Inman Park and love that we can actually walk to great restaurants. It’ll be even better when new restaurants open on N. Highland in the old Grape space and the empty space across from Parish.

Q. Best Atlanta celebrity sighting?
A. No one too exciting lately but a while back I saw Andre 3000 walk by in one of his crazy outfits while I was dining at Pura Vida. And an Indigo Girl was having her hair done this week at my salon, Adore.

BONUS QUESTION: Why is Adventurous Tastes awesome?
Adventurous Tastes has something for anyone who loves to eat (and who doesn’t?). The site includes recipes for home cooks, Atlanta restaurant reviews and news, and the latest scoop from the rest of the culinary world. Need an idea for what to cook tonight or where to head for a quick bite or a romantic dinner? Adventurous Tastes has got your answer! Plus, I’m an amateur chef with a realistic food budget for dining out, so people can relate to my choices in recipes and restaurants.

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Photo Credits: El Rey del Taco- EatBufordHighway Blog, Hcctor Santiago- Star Chefs

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