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“Mara Davis may seem like a hard act to follow for Five Questions With…, but I think I’ve found the perfect guy for the job. Atlanta native Michael Maziar knows his ATL, plain and simple. After a couple of years in Colorado and a few jaunts around the globe, he’s brought the Dirty Bird back bigger and badder than ever before (take that, Matt Ryan!), in his current sales role at Dynamic Entertainment Systems. If you’ve ever dreamed about new audio/visual or “”smarts”” for your new (or existing) home, he’s your man.

And now, questions and answers:

Q. You get a call from Dikembe Mutombo, who’s thinking about moving back to Atlanta but needs some help. 24 hours around town- where are you taking the big man?

I would love if Dikembe came back! He’s the man, never won a championship or had a big sponsorship, but educates in Africa, and is a CARE spokesperson (which lest we forget is headquartered here in Atlanta over their previous home in Manhattan).

He got here right after the Olympics, when the whole world had its focus on a sleepy southern city in the US. But really, this was a huge moment for Atlanta during its maturation into the vibrant, culturally rich, southern swaggerin’, chitlin charming, redneck meets roughnecks, metropolis it is today. He was traded out of Atlanta in 2001, and every year since then Atlanta has grown dramatically not only in population but as a city in general.

Seeing how the Gold Club is out of action- and he’s probably a bit over that scene by now- I think he would totally dig what’s going on down in Castleberry and the Auburn Ave/Edgewood area. If he was looking for some nostalgia, I would take him over to The Clermont- the place hasn’t changed in 40 years, which regrettably includes the waitresses and entertainment.

When Hollywood decides to ride the rails and remake Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor’s classic “”Silver Streak“”, I’ve got a great duo I’d like to recommend…

Q. Best Atlanta road trips?

Atlanta is a great jump off point. There are beautiful beaches in 4-5 hours like Hilton Head and Cumberland, but I’m partial to the mountains. Its unbelievable, you can be at the trail head for the Appalachian Trail in 45 minutes. Not to mention Amicalola Falls is gorgeous! And it’s no Sonoma, but around Dahlanega you can definitely tickle your palette from North Georgia wine country. And if you crave the likes of Montreal in the Northeast or Vegas in the West, New Orleans is worth the drive even if its just for a day of Jazz Fest and back, which is a must.

Who’d ever guess that this picture was taken an hour from Atlanta?

Q. Hidden Atlanta gem?

The Food. We have to be one of the most underrated culinary cities in the World.

Q. You’re in the business of tricking out houses. In your opinion, what are some of the coolest home toys available today?

Its amazing how easily we’ve integrated music and entertainment into our lifestyle. Every cell phone has essentially become an entertainment source. Even the most basic provides the entertainment value derived from a vocal or text conversation. But it’s also having an App that gives you the control to log into your house when you’re away, set the DVR, change the lights to look like you’re home, or manage your energy and resource consumption. We’ve all seen how Apple and Blackberry have turned phones into productive tools for both work and fun, but now home control and entertainment. It’s not a difficult or expensive installation to enable you to browse your music collection or view the content of your iPhone on a screen in your living room. Our firm sits at a unique intersection of the design, construction, and electronics industries where together with our client we can create a lifestyle integrated with entertainment and style.

Q. Favorite neighborhood?

Midtown, Inman Park, Grant Park, East Lake, Glenwood, and any other neighborhood with gorgeous historical architecture and where the community has stepped up by taking care of a centralized park.

The Bonus Section

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