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If you can find me someone that doesn’t like free Wi-Fi, chances are they’re also still complaining about how difficult it is to find service for their telex machine. Local startup SkyBlox brings the people free Wi-Fi at over 100 hotspots in Atlanta, and with burgeoning networks in Austin, Denver and Chicago, they’re well on their way to delivering the goods nationwide. It’s SkyBlox co-founder Michael Tavani’s turn to field five of the toughest questions he’ll ever want to answer…
Q. 24 hours to show local medical celebrity Sanjay Gupta the time of his life- where are you taking him?

A. Probably not Grady Hospital.

Octane Coffee on Marietta St. is one of the neatest spots in the city in my opinion. The food is solid for a coffee shop (turkey & swiss on ciabatta), the space is open with natural light and there’s a real good chance someone sitting nearby is starting a company. You gotta love that energy. Gupta is into health and fitness, right? A jog around Piedmont Park is a good option. Piedmont is as good as it gets when it comes to parks in this park-deprived city. The Fritti/Dad’s Garage combo is always fun and it’s in a great part of town, Inman Park. Intermezzo on Peachtree late night or the Oreo or cookie dough cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory is a pretty legit way to gain back those calories.

While happily married, this is what Sanjay Gupta’s profile picture would like if he joined eHarmony.

Q. Best deal in Atlanta… ever?

A. How can it not be Ru San’s at Tower Place? Solid sushi that won’t set you back $100 and free entertainment in the form of people-watching that is second to none in the city. If you want to see first-hand what the twentysomethings in ATL are doing this is the best spot to do that. The other Ru San’s locations don’t have this same vibe though.

Q. Favorite neighborhood(s)?

A. Recently, I have to go with the Westside. The old commercial buildings make for really interesting backdrops for restaurants, stores and lofts. Plus, there’s a great mix of creative types, entrepreneurs, college kids, and business people, which make it feel very alive. I always enjoy checking out the bungalows in the residential parts of Ansley Park, Morningside, Peachtree Hills and Peachtree Park.

Q. If you were given an unlimited budget to trick out your home with new technology, what would you buy?

A. Our graphic designer has two 30-inch Apple LED Cinema display computer monitors. Those things are huge. One of those in each room would ensure me being online for almost all 24 hours a day.


Screenus Envy.

Q. Where would we be without wireless internet?

A. Laptops would be a lot less cool. Everyone would be real bored and I may be looking for a job.

BONUS QUESTION: What is SkyBlox, and why is it awesome?

A. SkyBlox does a bunch of things that Atlantans are really enjoying – our weekly email “”5 Cool Things in Atlanta”” features one kick-ass local deal that can be transferred and used on any cell phone. There’s also a guess-where-this-photo was taken contest for free stuff that gets a bunch of “”local experts”” guessing each week. Get the email . Also, our Twitter feed has the the right amount of relevant local tweets each day (around 3-5/day). But our free Wi-Fi is how most people know of us. It’s at many of the top restaurants/bars in town.

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